Course SCUBATLON Referee

To participate in the seminar, you have to be an Divemaster certificated by the one of the recognized diving training systems (PADI, SSI, CMAS and etc.).

Seminars are held for groups and individually.

As an experimental, we offer distance learning.

Certified SCUBATLON Judge could participating as Referee of the competitions. Also, certified Referee in the cooperation with the Coral Reef Science Center could training people in SCUBA NATURALIST program.

The SCUBATLON Association conducts FREE training and certification for SCUBATLON Referee .

You can register for the course by phone: +7 495 517 43 79 (Russia) or +1 302 766 41 92 (USA) or write to

Please include your first and last name, training system, and certificate number in your letter. It is advisable to attach a scanned certificate.

To train a SCUBATLON judge, you must have a divemaster level certificate or Star *** of one of the universally recognized diving training systems (PADI, SSI, CMAS, etc.)

For certification by a SCUBATLON Referee , we will send you a set of documents: a guide for instructors, a textbook, a questionnaire, and test questions. You will send us back the completed questionnaire, and test questions. We contact via Skype and Whatsapp and advise on the organization of competitions.

By combining two projects – SCUBATLON and the Coral-Truck Science Center, we were able to make the certification of Referee FREE of charge.