The SCUBATLON Open Cup is a challenge for divers in mastering their bodies under water.

The determination of the actual qualification of the diver could be a pretty difficult task. The number of certification cards and logbook entries does not completely indicate the training level. The Scubatlon challenge clearly demonstrates the diver’s skills.

The competitions are held as follows: the underwater track of a system of obstacles is set up. Competitors must pass the route and score the minimum amount of penalty points. Each participant is given a certain time to pass the route. There is a point penalty if the participant exceeds the time limit.

As a rule, two tracks are installed and two divers take part in each swim.

There are two referees also underwater and the Chief referee and an assistant are on the swimming pool side.

Competitions are held in several stages in the pool and open water.

Who can take part in SCUBATLON challenge

Any person who has a diving certificate of the initial level and above (Open water, One star * …) of any generally accepted scuba diver training organization.

Age —  full 12 years

Both dive centers and individual participants may take part in the competitions.

For successful preparation for the competition, we would recommend taking a SCUBATLON SCUBA MASTER training course