Coral Van Science Center is a virtual coral reef located inside a transformer trailer. A mobile entertaining museum and educational center in marine biology, which can get to where there is no sea.

Entering Coral Van, our visitors “dive under the water”, often for the first time in their lives. The exposition is based on a 3D underwater video that captures the life of a real coral reef and its inhabitants. This is the original development of the authors, which has no analogs in the world.

In addition to the multimedia part in Coral Truck, there is a place for the traditional museum exposition – showcases and replicas of sea animals. We even have a “Water Laboratory” where visitors participate in experiments.

Coral Van is a unique format – both a show and a serious educational program in marine biology. Our students get acquainted with the real life of the underwater world without invading nature. The project uses only “clean” – non-destructive technology.

Our principled position, from which we do not retreat at any stage of the of Coral Van creation – we do not take anything from wildlife. We do not and never will have living exhibits.