The SCUBATLON Open Cup is a competition of divers in the mastery of owning their body under water.

It is quite difficult to determine the actual qualifications of a diver. The number of cards and entries in the log book does not indicate the level of training. However, the very first passage of the route shows the real situation.

Under water, a track is established consisting of a system of obstacles. Competitors must pass the track and score the minimum number of penalty points. Each participant is given a certain amount of time to climb the track, if the participant does not fit into it, fines are also charged.

Usually two tracks are set up and two divers participate in each swim.

There are also two judges under the water and a senior judge with an assistant on the side.

It is carried out in several stages, usually in the pool, but there is experience in conducting competitions in open water.

Who can take part in SCUBATLON competitions

Any person with a diving certificate of at least the initial level (Open water, One star1 * …) of one of the generally recognized systems.

Age —  full 12 years

Not only individual participants and dive clubs can take part in competitions.

Recently, the level of competitors has grown markedly, so for successful participation in the competition, we recommend taking the SCUBATLON SCUBA  MASTER course.