SCUBATLON is developed in three areas:


  1. Improving the skills of the diving.

The first skill is the buoyancy control. Course SCUBATLON SCUBA MASTER learns to control your body under the water. Correctly chosen equipment and its configuration make enjoyable, safe dive and underwater dwellers remain unharmed.

  1. Studying of the underwater world program.

For a long time, diving assumed only as entertainment hobby. SCUBA NATURALIST course offers educational program based on the study of the underwater world, its dwellers, and features of the its development. Now people during the diving can feel themselves not like just a bystander. They become a participant of the underwater world through the understanding how the undersea world develops and how we could affect this process.


The course consists of two stages.

The first stage is theoretical – telling about the ecosystem of the underwater world. We run it in the Coral Reef Science Center.

The second stage involves the practical study of the underwater world. Classes are held in the open water of different seas. After the end of the second phase diver received the SCUBA NATURALIST certificate.

Usually, it is quite difficult to determine the actual qualifications of the diver. The number of cards and records in logbook does not declare the level of skills. However, the first tracking of the competition course shows the real state of art. This competition hold among divers in the mastery of their body under the water. And it’s just a good excuse to get together to practice or participate in an exciting contest, because not all of us live in the warm coast and could provide regular dives.

Complementing each other, these three areas enable to raise diving skills to a higher level, and make it safer not only for divers, but also for the environment. At the same time, by making an element of competition, SCUBATLON makes the diving as an urban sport and active recreation.